The Best Massage Guns

15 Mar.,2023


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The Mebak 3 has a main on/off switch at the base of its handle, which is rubberized and has widely spaced vertical ribs. You adjust the speed via the touchscreen display, which requires a lighter touch than physical buttons. It responded nicely for us. You cannot cycle both up and down through the five speeds (in contrast to the Theragun Prime’s interface, which allows for that); instead, each touch of the screen’s fingerprint icon advances the speed up. A pressure sensor uses green, yellow, and red lights to indicate increasing amounts of pressure being applied during use, but they’re tough to see when you’re using the device on yourself. (The Mebak 3’s specs do not list a stall force.) A number representing a percentage on the screen shows the battery level. As a safety precaution, the Mebak 3 shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of use; you can restart it immediately. To determine if continuous use would stress the motor at all, we ran the massage gun unattended for 15 minutes straight at various speeds, and we experienced no overheating.

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