Conservation news on GPS tracking

18 Mar.,2023


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Fishy business of squid vessels needs stronger regulation, study says

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts 15 March 2023

Squid fishing could be getting out of control due to the industry’s lack of regulations, scientists say, prompting calls for greater oversight. Thousands of squid fishing vessels operate across the…

For tigers in Nepal, highways are a giant roadblock best avoided

by Abhaya Raj Joshi 27 February 2023

KATHMANDU — It starts off like the premise for a joke: “Why did the tigers cross the road?” But for researchers and conservationists in Nepal, the spread of roads throughout…

Tech revolution holds world of promise for conservation, but challenges persist

by Caitlin Looby 2 February 2022

As a biology undergraduate, Talia Speaker spent a grueling summer hiking around the mountains near Santa Cruz, California, interning with a team that monitored puma behavior. In one hand she…

New evidence suggests China’s ‘dark’ vessels poached in Galápagos waters

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts 9 October 2020

In late June, a fleet of about 300 Chinese fishing vessels swarmed around the rich, biodiverse waters of the Galápagos Islands, armed with overhead lights and industrial jigging machines to…

Sea turtles often lose their way, but always reach their destination

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts 21 July 2020

When baby sea turtles hatch from their eggs, they skitter across the sand to the shoreline before disappearing into the open ocean. Many years later, by some remarkable feat, female…

For tiger moms, the work-life balance struggle is real, study finds

by Liz Kimbrough 13 February 2020

Being a single mom is tough, even for a strong and formidable tigress. Hunting, protecting the territory, spending time with the cubs, resting — how does she do it all? For the…

‘Landscape of fearlessness’: bushbuck emboldened following top-predator decline in Mozambique

by Sophie Manson 6 May 2019

The ‘landscape of fear’ is not a new term among biologists. From the now-iconic study of how elk and bison gradually adjusted their vigilance levels after wolves were reintroduced into…

Satellite trackers help fight vultures’ extinction in southern Africa

by Munyaradzi Makoni 13 December 2018

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Every other hour, Sonja Krüger logs onto her website and checks the birds’ status. Pharoah is taking a mud bath in the mountains, Jeremia is on…

In pursuit of the rare bird that vanishes for half the year

by Abhaya Raj Joshi 27 November 2018

KATHMANDU, Nepal — As dawn peeks through the morning mist on an early spring day in Nepal's Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a duck-sized bird flaps its wings and throws itself…

Filling in the gaps: Managing endangered species on the high seas

by Marianne Messina 23 November 2018

Of gaps and limitations Our knowledge about sea animals is riddled with holes. We may study and record sea lion colonies or sea turtle nesting and hatching events as they…

Stay or go? Understanding a partial seasonal elephant migration

by Sue Palminteri (1965-2019) 24 October 2018

African elephants use areas of grassland, bushland, and woodland, but how do they move through these different vegetation types in different seasons, especially where water becomes a seasonally scarce resource?…

Tracking elephant movements reveals transboundary wildlife corridors

by Calistus Bosaletswe 10 September 2018

Data from satellite tracking tags deployed on elephants in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and along the border of Angola and Zimbabwe have revealed that the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA…

An anti-poaching technology for elephants that is always listening

by Marianne Messina 5 September 2018

Working under cover of night in parks as large as US states, poachers are skilled in avoiding detection. If they kill with silencers on their rifles, the animal’s death is…

Videos: spectacled bear’s home in the dry forests of Peru revealed

by Yvette Sierra Praeli 26 July 2018

Laura is now part of the history of Peru. She is an Andean spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and the face of the first coin of one sol (equivalent to $0.31)…

In pursuit of traceability, palm oil giant tests GPS-based solution

by Hans Nicholas Jong 8 June 2018

SINGAPORE — One of the world’s biggest palm oil companies is testing new GPS-based technology to trace the provenance of palm fruit all the way back to the plantation where…

Borneo’s elephants prefer degraded forests, a new study finds

by John Cannon 27 March 2018

Conservation-minded planners often pick places with the fewest signs of human impact for protection, and, across the tropics, pristine rainforests with the tallest trees often rise to the top of…

Where one predator meets another: tracking sharks and fishing effort

by Sue Palminteri (1965-2019) 25 November 2017

Technology above the clouds is helping scientists study sharks beneath the waves. A new initiative combines shark movement data with publicly available vessel identification data—both transmitted to researchers via satellite—to…

Field Notes: Finding Jacobo; an Andean cat captivates conservationists

by Elizabeth Devitt 28 February 2017

When an Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita) suddenly showed up in the middle of a synthetic soccer field in Bolivia, the wild feline was far from anywhere that should have been home.…

CyberTracking for Africa’s most endangered ape

by Julia John 25 March 2016

Cross River gorillas benefit from reduced threat and strengthened law enforcement thanks in part to mobile data collection, management and analysis with CyberTracker monitoring.

Getting SMART about Wildlife Crime

by Julia John 2 March 2016

From Laos to Belize, forest personnel use the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) to more efficiently anticipate and combat wildlife crime.

Wildlife biology in the 21st century

by Caleb O'Brien 20 October 2015

By combining wildlife tracking data with information from satellites, Mark Hebblewhite pushes the boundaries of wildlife biology to uncover new information about the complex interplay among wolves, large ungulates such as elk and caribou and the ever-expanding human footprint.

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