NOVOTEST Ultrasonic Flaw Detector UD2301-MINI, for NDT

23 Mar.,2023


The picture on the display of the device can be rotated in 4 position, that allows to operate the device in any position, making it customisable for both: lefties and righties users, as well as positioning the Instrument in portrait and landscape orientations.
The use of the ultrasonic flaw detector:

– To test the quality of welds and base metal of products;
– To detect corrosion, cracks, delaminations and other internal defects;
– To determine coordinates and parameter estimation of defects such as discontinuity, cracks and uniformity of material in products from metal, plastic, composites and other materials;
– To measure the thickness of products.

The Flaw detector is equipped with 3 standard type AA rechargeable batteries. The device can also operate with non-rechargeable batteries of the same type. Using the batteries of standard type allows autonomous operation of the device in almost any conditions – if there is no possibility to charge batteries, it is possible to have spare batteries, or buy new batteries at any store. The Flaw detector allows user to solve a wide range of tasks – from thickness measurement of thin products to large-sized casting flaw detection.

Having sealed housing with rubber protective strips makes Ultrasonic flaw detector UD2301-mini ideal for using in workshop and field conditions with high humidity, dust, etc. The device has frost-resistant display that allows to use the device at any season and in any climatic zone of the Earth.