The Pearl Microfiber Wet Mop - News & Insights

12 Apr.,2023


The Pearl Microfiber Wet Mop






Incorporating Golden Star's century of manufacturing experience, they have introduced a game changer in the floor cleaning world! The Pearl wet mop, by Golden Star is the next generation for your mopping needs!


"The Pearl" Microfiber Wet Mop

The Pearl wet mop captures all the benefits of a microfiber mop with its engineered Torzal Twist yarn. Get rid of your old and tired string mop, and graduate to superior microfiber cleaning instead!


  • Torzal Twist Yarn - Captures all the benefits of microfiber.
  • No Break-In Time - Forget about having to break-in the mop like traditional cotton mops.
  • Fast Drying - Resists mildewing and the horrible old mop smell.
  • Super Absorbent - Absorbs over 10 times its weight in moisture.


  • Enhances the Performance of Green Chemicals - Green Chemicals perform better with The Pearl Mop.
  • Less Linting - When using on rough surfaces, less lint is left behind compared to cotton mops.
  • Obsoletes Older Mops - Say goodbye to the archaic, cut-end, cotton mops.

With high quality products and considerate service, we will work together with you to enhance your business and improve the efficiency. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get more details of Microfiber Yarn For Mop.